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The World’s Best Rainforest Zoo

Leave the city behind and visit one of the world's best zoos where animals live in naturalistic habitats.

Spread over 26 hectares of lush landscape, Singapore Zoo is home to an extensive collection of exotic species from around the world. The “open concept” zoo set in a rainforest environment hosts over 2,800 animals from over 300 species. Highlights include white tigers, elephants, orang utans and the first polar bear born in the tropics. The exhibits are divided into 11 zones, each a unique immersive experience waiting to be explored. You can trek along the zoo grounds by foot or hop on to a guided tram that will take you through some of the most distinctive global wildlife habitats of the world - from the savannah grasslands of Wild Africa where lions, zebras and rhinoceroses roam, to the rugged canyons of the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia where a colony of Hamadryas baboons call home.

Singapore Zoo is also well-known for its walk-through exhibits that bring animals and visitors together in one space for incredibly intimate encounters. Stroll right into the home of free-ranging kangaroos and have them eating out of your palms at our Australian Zone.  Or Wander into the spectacular diversity of the Fragile Forest, a massive biodome that recreates the amazing diversity of the rainforest. Here you can find mousedeer on the forest floor, or climb to the observation deck to catch a glimpse of the flying foxes that often glide over the heads of visitors! Other zones include the Primate Kingdom, where each of the 39 primates on display have their own island, the Reptile Garden, which houses giant tortoises and fearsome Komodo dragons and the  Frozen Tundra, where you can find polar bears and other Artic inhabitants.

The zoo is ideal for families and the little ones will have a field day at the Rainforest Kidzworld where they can enjoy a splashing fun time at our wet play area, ride ponies or play and learn in this enriching zone.

Visitors can also experience the amazing animal shows such as the Splash Safari Show and the Animal Friends shows and even dine with alongside orang utans at the Jungle Breakfast with the Wildlife programme.