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  • Enjoy 1-for-1 Singapore Zoo admission and get $2 retail voucher for every paid ticket

  • Entry ticket to one of the world’s most beautiful zoo’s
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  • See the orangutans in their naturalistic enclosure
  • Enjoy a tram ride into the zoo
  • This ticket only option gives you freedom to explore at your own pace!

Tour information

Promotion is applicable for local residents only. Valid with every purchase of full priced ticket for same park and same day admission from 13 – 31 March 2020. Terms and conditions apply.

With the Singapore Zoo ticket only option, plan your visit to one of the world’s most beautiful zoos and explore it at your own convenience and pace.

The Singapore Zoo is spread over 28 hectares and is a haven to over 3,600 mammals, birds and reptiles including some rare and endangered species.

Tour the stunning gardens in a tram and see how natural barriers like streams, rock walls and beautiful landscaping are used to separate animals from visitors to create an 'open zoo' effect.

Meet our close relatives, the friendly orangutans that are one of the Zoo's star attractions. And everyone will enjoy the ever-popular 'Splash Safari' show, with star performers such as jackass penguins, Californian sea lions, Caribbean manatees and pelicans.

Activity schedule

Frequency: Daily

Duration: You may spend as long as you wish at Singapore Zoo

Start time: Singapore Zoo is open from 0830h(8.30am) to 1800h(6.00pm)

Parks are about a 30-minute drive away from the city. The easiest way to get here via public transport is to take the MRT on the North-South (Red) line and transit to connecting public bus services. Catch these connecting public buses that will take you right to the park.

Nearest MRT stations connecting buses:

  • Choa Chu Kang (NS4) 927
  • Ang Mo Kio (NS16) 138
  • Marsiling (NS8) 926 (operates on Sundays and Public Holidays only)
  • Woodlands (NS9) 926 (operates on Sundays and Public Holidays only)

Ending point: Singapore Zoo


Singapore Zoo, one of the most beautiful in the world, lies in the north of the island at Mandai, by the tranquil Seletar Reservoir.

This tour option includes a ticket for the Zoo's tram system, which you can use to travel around the Open Zoo - a totally new concept in animal keeping with beautifully landscaped gardens and very few cages.

Other highlights of the Zoo include:

  • The Orangutans: Among the star attractions are the orangutans. The Zoo has bred a large number of these highly endangered primates and houses the largest social colony of orangutans in the world.
  • The Fragile Forest: A walk-through a rainforest environment with mighty trees, delicate ferns and stunning cascades. Here you can find free-ranging lesser mousedeer, ring-tailed lemurs, tree kangaroos, sloths and butterflies.
  • Australian Outback: Interspersed with semi-arid and marginally fertile ground, this exhibit reflects the rugged beauty of Down Under. Visitors can come up close to Eastern grey kangaroos, agile wallabies and emus. Other highlights here include the inland taipan – the deadliest snake in the world with the most toxic venom, the cassowary, bearded dragon and carpet python.
  • Orchid Garden: A great burst of colour greets visitors as this exhibit showcases both long and short stalked plants; orchids that grow up from the ground, those that hang from trees, and even those that wrap around rocks. Admire the fragrant vanilla and the tiger orchid – the world’s largest orchid.
  • Reptile Garden: This is the place to see all things scaly – from giant Aldabra tortoises to the rhino iguanas to the Komodo dragons.
  • Hamadryas Baboons – The Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia: This award-winning exhibit features a spectacular troop of about 80 baboons alongside Nubian ibexes, black-backed jackals, rock hyraxes and banded mongoose in a stunning landscape of massive rocks.

You can also visit the ever-popular Splash Safari Show, which starts between 10:30am - 11:00am and lasts approximately 30 minutes. The shows take place at the Splash Amphitheatre and stars jackass penguins, Californian sea lions, Caribbean manatees and the pelicans. You can expect to receive nuggets of interesting information on the animals as you witness the spectacular display behaviours of these marine creatures.